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Bishop Nelson Perez Blesses Merici Crossings

In mid-February, 68 of our sisters moved into their new home, Merici Crossings. This is the first major move for our sisters in more than 50 years.

This historical move was marked by a blessing and prayer service when Bishop Nelson Perez visited Merici Crossings on April 1. You can read more about the bishop’s visit in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland article below:

ursuline sisters at a glance


Total Number of Sisters
64 full time
42 part time
31 retired


Current ministry locations throughout Greater Cleveland


Median age of sisters


Number of parishes and schools where the sisters have served


The year the Ursulines arrived in Cleveland, becoming the first religious order in the city, now having provided continuous service for 167 years

Mary Ann Blakeley

Mary Ann Blakeley

"How can we participate in a way that honors what Ursulines have done for all of us and honors their continued ability to do their ministry in Northeast Ohio? I think it would be a privilege for everybody to participate in a way that's meaningful to the Ursulines."

– Mary Ann Blakeley

Peggy Connell

Peggy Connell

“In my first experience with the Ursulines, I felt their welcoming hospitality. This and their ability to find better ways to do things are the qualities that I most admire about them.”

– Peggy Connell

Jim Connell

Jim Connell

“There is no mystique that distances the Ursuline Sisters from other people. It is so easy to work with them – as they are genuine and right there for you. What’s significant to the Ursulines are the people, the mission, and where they need to be – and I think that is very important.”

– Jim Connell

Martha Booth

Martha Booth

“ As I got to know the Ursulines, I came to realize that they are educators – not just educators in the classroom – but educators in how to live a good spiritual life. That is something I’d like to emulate.”

– Martha Booth